Anonymous asked:

helloooo I hope you have a lovely day!!! xxxx

hello Answer:

you’re so kind. i hope you have an even better day!!!!!!

i have a 7 page english paper due tomorrow <3333333 i slept in until 11 today… first time in like 3 weeks. nice. sundays senior year were great because who did homework??? but now they’re XL pieces of heck. i just wanna go into town and shop… THURSDAY? thursday. ALSO i went on the long run yesterday (finally off cross training) and i got lost and ended up running for an hour and 52 minutes. SO #blessed. i love lifting even tho i can’t lift for ish. i like telling everyone how vascular i feel. #aesthetics #iron #creatine #doyouevenlift in other news i need to continue to step out of my comfort zone. it’s good good good i just need to ~JUMP IN~ a little more or something. like i need to be more socially aggressive lmao

college so far is just IDK i feel very comfortable here, but like it seems like it’s a thing that 99.9% of my friends are just going to be on the team also. and that’s fine - i love the team - but like i see them everyday. all the time. they always want to do things. and i’m like… i just wanna Skype my boyfriend and watch netflix sometimes!!!!!! also we haven’t really been able to go out without babysitting our one friend and now there’s so much drama surrounding something that happened last night and it’s just sad and not fun right now. i’m just glad i have such a good group of teammates surrounding me. i really do love the whole team. it’s just that it’s such a big group. like if there’s 10 people at the table i’ll say 2 words. doesn’t matter who it is. if there’s 4 people i’ll be hella talkative. doesn’t matter who it is. it’s fine. i wanna make more friends who aren’t on the team tho. idk how to go about that… i’ll figure it out.

i’m “fragile” right now. some minor lower leg issues, so i’ve been on cross train since monday really! mostly on the bike, tomorrow coach might have me do the easy run, but if not i’ll be in the pool! it was nice to get off of my legs for a few days